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Baldwin SD Gives Classrooms Facelift with Flexible Learning Spaces (Video)


Baldwin SD Gives Classrooms Facelift with Flexible Learning Spaces (Video)

November 9, 2017 — Baldwin, NY — The Baldwin School District has given some of its classrooms a facelift with what it calls flexible learning spaces.

The superintendent says the goal of these spaces, which features movable couches and chairs, is to get kids ready for life after college. Experts say this includes learning how to brainstorm, work in groups and just being flexible.

Baldwin kindergarten teacher Tricia Wilder says the new design has been wonderful and has brought a new way of teaching to her life.

“I think it’s important for kids to work where they are comfortable. Some kids need a desk and chair, and other kids are more comfortable on a couch, so it really gives each child a way for them to learn which is best for them,” she says.

Wilder says that since the furniture is on wheels, she switches around the classroom in the morning, and that her students love coming to school to see the new classroom design.

She also says that a key feature in her classroom is a stage and a reading nook. Wilder says that she wanted her students to be able to act out the stories and poems they are reading in class to bring an authenticity to the things they are learning.

The superintendent says that so far 16 classrooms  have been redesigned. The goal is another 20 along the way.

Go HERE for an extended interview with the superintendent.

Reposted from News12 Long Island.

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