Sit to Stand and Lecterns

Our sit to stand, lecterns and teacher accessories for the front of the classroom offer sleek and agile designs that complement our education series. From pre-K to higher education, these mobile (and mounted) units pack plenty of functionality into their small footprints.

Sit to Stand and Lecterns

Excellence in design at Haskell means continuously developing, testing, and refining products. The result is innovative, forward-thinking solutions that redefine product categories. The new FuZion Series makes sitting all day a thing of the past.

FuZion Series We think our sit to stand desk has no rival

We think our sit to stand desk has no rival

  • Built to last—we guarantee it. Our 20-year warranty is the best in the industry
  • Technology that works. While many sit to stand desks bounce and are springy (causing the product to wear down after just a few years), our Hydraulic SureLock Construction prevents bounce and slippage of the height adjust. And, our Unibody integrated construction at the surface mount provides greater strength and stability.
  • Stronger materials mean greater strength, stability and durability.
    Haskell Industry Standard
    1¼” High Pressure Laminate (HPL) Top
    2 Directional Metal Bracing
    50% greater weight capacity than other brands
    1” or less melamine, paper, or vinyl top
    Single plate construction

Nothing gets in Your Way with Our Unique Base

Haskell Unique Base Design versus the Traditional Star Base on Sit to Stand Desks
  • Two east west bars and north south bars for strength and stability
  • Whether sitting in a chair or standing, nothing gets in your way for maximum comfort

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Haskell and GSA

Haskell is a proud partner and supplier for numerous federal, state and local governments. Our GSA Contract number is GS-27F-029DA. Learn more about our federal and state contracts.

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